MVP 2nd AirDrop Whitelist Now Open !

This Special Edition: Metaverse Truck 1-of-1 ‘An Electrifying Future’ (2022) NFT is a unique work of art that is limited to just 1 collection and comes with a digital MetaTruck x Singular DeFi For the Masses piece. 

We've given out the first 199 MetaVerse Truck NFT For Free! This NFT is digitally signed by Metaverse Plaid and will never be minted again.

Pay Zero Gas Fees & Mint Your Metaverse Truck Today! 

Share with friends, Earn Points, & Unlock Your Next Free NFT!

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NFTs are on the blockchain network, and listed on Opensea, the largest NFT marketplace on earth.


you can transfer or sell MetaTruck NFT or even offer them to a friend. Each NFT can be tracked across multiple blockchains 


Each MetaTruck NFT is unique and does not cost Gas Fees on the Ethereum Blockchain. Limited by Quantity. Unlimited Experience.

Welcome to the Metaverse Plaid Society 

A limited NFT collection where the token itself doubles as your membership to an exclusive club for disruptive innovation and cutting-edge technologies that is shaping the human race. The Metaverse Factory is open! Recharge with us 🔋


Fair Distribution 

When buy mint a Metaverse Plaid, you're not simply minting an NFT or a rare piece of art, you're gaining membership access to an exclusive Metaverse Plaid Society and those benefits and offerings will increase over time. Your Meta verser Whip can serve as your digital status-symbol, and open digital doors for you. 


The Metaverse Garage

The Metaverse Plaid Garage will become operational once the presale period is over. It contains a canvas accessible only to wallets containing at least one Meta Plaid vehicle. 


Imagine an NFT that's Gas-Free

Democratizing the  $23B NFT Marketplace One NFT at a Time

Bitcoin accounts for 24 Kiltons of e-waste every year. That is equivalent to more electricity than many countries.  We're proud to be the first collection using cross-blockchain support so you could mint, sell and resell the Metaverse Plaid collection all gas-free.

"I never thought about investing in NFTs until my friend invited me and together we invested in a bunch of digital art.  Now I have made over $100,000 investing on my own."

- John Wang

"I love the ease and simplicity of sending and receiving NFTS in all blockchain (especially Gas-Free) from my NFT buddies. and of course the interoperability of the Metaverse Plaid Collection"

- Mike Maples

A limited NFT Collection where the NFT Holder gets more token Airdrops in the Future. The MVP Society is Open!

Recharge Your MetaTruck With Us. 

Join Metaverse Plaid. Send and Trade NFTs Gas-Free for the First Time. 

Join Metaverse Plaid and Hang out with the Coolest  Innovation Club for Disruptors!

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